Oasis of Sound . OnLine SacredSound Training . January 2021


Oasis of Sacred Sound on-line Course is an introduction to the elements of Sacred Sound instruments, vocal toning, chants & mantra singing, which will give participants basic tools to facilitate a SoundBath and incorporate Sacred Sound into their yoga, holistic, personal class or practice.

Who is this training for?  

Anyone interested in an introduction to combining Sound Healing, Mantra and Song within their Yoga/Holistic practice and/or class; musicians who wish to add a healing dimension to their compositions; anyone wanting to learn how to use Singing Bowls, Drums, and Rainstick; and those wishing to enhance their quality of life and healing through the use of sound therapy.

What are Sacred Sound instruments?

Sacred Sound instruments make up a SoundBath as offered by Anne. These include the Tibetan Bowl, Hand Held Gong, Celtic Drum (Bodhran), Hang, Rainstick and Sansula. You will “meet” these magical friends on this unique training.

What is Vocal Toning?  

Using pure vocal tones; the body’s natural tuning instrument, to clear stagnant energy by “signing” or “toning” healing sounds directly into the body’s sonic aura. Vocal Toning can be used as a sonic diagnostic tool by sonically scanning the body.


We will ZoomRoom 2 days per month over three months, 2 hours in the morning, a 1 hour break followed by 2 hours in the afternoon.  These sessions will be supported with technical videos, which you can access via my website.  

We will each have a one hour 121 session, which we can arrange as the course progresses.

The only instrument that is essential for the training is a Singing Bowl  … I source large (9 inch diameter) and medium (6 inch diameter) Singing Bowls, which I personally choose so that they are ideally suited to the healing sound we create, as the Singing Bowl and Vocal Toning are the foundations of Oasis of Sound Training.  All the other instruments are optional, and can be obtained from “Knock on Wood” at a student discount.  Singing Bowls cost £375 for large or Goddess Bowls, and £200 for medium or Goddette Bowls! 

They all come in a lovely box with 2 mallets, 1 cushion, 1 book. Click here to view.

Module 1

Sound Bath: we will begin our course with a 60 minute SoundBath using all Oasis Sacred Sound instruments and skills. Participants will be introduced to the following concepts, ideas, and experiential practices:

  • Introduction to Singing Bowls (how they are made and history of the bowls)

  • How to play a Singing Bowl
    Group demonstration and explanation of techniques (mallet hold and placement, playing/singing technique) (vid)

  • Introduction to placement of Bowls directly on body and science behind vibrational contact and effect on molecular make up of body (vid)

  • Group demonstration and explanation of techniques (how to stabilise Bowl on body, techniques for singing the Bowl on body) (vid)

  • Introduction to Celtic Bodhran Drum and Rainstick

  • 1:1 demonstration, practice and technique guidance (vid)

  • Incorporating Singing Bowls, Vocal Toning, Bodhran Drum and Rainstick to create a SoundBath (vid)


Module 2

Participants will be introduced to the following concepts, ideas, and experiential practices:

  • Introduction to additional instruments: 

    Hang, Sansula & Koshi Bells

  • Introduction of Song/Mantra/Chant as part of class, Savasana or performance (vid)

  • Introduction to Guided Meditation for SoundBath (vid)

  • Devise guided meditation based on personal experience

  • Space Clearing with Sound (vid & docs)

  • Setting intention and holding space for SoundBath

  • Sound Bath Choreography and Facilitation (vid & docs)

The course will culminate in the  virtual sharing of individual SoundBaths, choreographed and facilitated using newly learnt skills.

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