Yogacampus is a gathering place in the world for students looking for credible yoga knowledge. A uniquely non-dogmatic training organisation that does not prioritise one school of yoga above another. It's aim is to provide access to different teachers and styles of yoga that promote inclusivity, integrity, richness and empowerment.

Anne is thrilled to be part of a unique open day at Yogacampus, featuring a wide array of teachers from their faculty. The theme? Healing an Anxious Planet. 21st century modern living has created a rift in the traditional sense of ‘community’. The fallout of our somewhat broken society has meant that more than ever we are experiencing anxious feelings on a daily basis. What can we do to heal ourselves?

Hear from a fantastic fleet of teachers and explore the Finsbury Park campus, meet likeminded students, and come away with a sense of peace and wholeness as well as tools to apply on and off the mat.

Each 45 minute therapeutic session will allow you to gather nectar from different kinds of flowers (Yogacampus teachers) so you can take it back to your inner hive and cultivate wisdom and nourishment.


The educational day will include the following sessions and teachers:

  • Healing Anxiety with Lisa Kaley-Isley

  • Healing Insomnia with Lisa San Filippo

  • Healing the Heart with Sherezade Ruano-Santana

  • Healing the Back with Anna Blackmore

  • Healing Burnout with Charlotte Watts

  • Healing the Nervous System using Sound with Anne Malone



Book online via the Yogacampus website

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