Singing OnLine Courses 
The Heart of Mantra, Song & Chant  
September 2022

Let’s explore a fun way to connect with the heart of your voice through singing!

Have you ever asked yourself why that song or piece of music moves you…why music fills your body and soul with that Feel Good hummmm …

Well, it’s all about the Vibe …

Every sound is vibration and vibration touches every cell in our body, therefore we not only hear sound, we feel it physically, emotionally and soulfully … and Anne's passion is to demystify the world of sound and song, making singing accessible and fun for all to engage in and enjoy!!! 

In this course we’ll concentrate on developing your confidence in singing through a heart-full combination of vocal techniques and soulful meditation and creative voice-work.

All levels welcome. 

Duration: 6 X 3 hour sessions over 3 months (dates to be confirmed)
Cost: £300
For further details contact Anne 07940717201 

Vocal Toning Training 
using the voice as a diagnostic tool 
October 2022

Toning is the creation of extended vocal sounds on a single vowel in order to sonically navigate the body’s energy flow. Recognising stagnant energy by listening to variations in the tone or sound of the vocal toning allows us to use our voice as a diagnostic vocal tool.

Vocal Toning works on a cellular level; these vocal tones resonate with the body’s molecules, balancing and releasing blockages, clearing and balancing stagnant energy.

Toning is also a wonderful technique for developing your voice-ear connection and enhancing your power of listening, as it restores balance and harmony to the mind and body. 

Vocal Toning techniques also strengthen and help free the voice, encouraging deeper relaxation when chanting and singing Mantras. 

Anne is offering a weekend immersion where we’ll learn how to diagnose stagnant energy, restore its natural flow and infuse fresh free-flowing vibrations … through vocal toning techniques.

For further details contact Anne 07940717201