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Art of Sacred Sound 
in-person Training with Anne
at TempleLodge West London
June 10 2023 - December 9 2024

I am happy to be offering this magical 6-day 'Journey into the heArt of Sacred Sound' training course, an opportunity to explore the essence of Sound and develop a deep understanding and practical knowledge of the world of Sound Healing.

The course will cover a range of skills and experiences and will focus on developing the Art of Sacred Sound and SacredCeremony. 

Meeting one Saturday per month, starting October 2022, ending March 2023, from 10.30am till 5pm, with 1 hour for lunch.

You will learn how to play and place the singing bowl directly on the body,

how to vocal tone (or tune) the body, play HandHeld and Standing Gongs, Shamanic drum, Rainstick, Koshi Bells, Tubular Bells and Sansula.  Explore the ancient pathways within the heartbeat of these instruments as we organically and lovingly weave these skills, learning how to facilitate and hold Sacred Space, create your Sound Bath and/or enhance your personal/professional practice.

We will explore the magic of Vocal Toning, how we can scan the body using our voice … a vocal MRI scan!!  We'll rediscover the joy of singing together as we share Mantra and Chants, and loose inhibitions as we improvise with music and voice.  

Experiencing how beautiful it is to connect and evolve within an ongoing Sacred Sound Community … 

No previous experience necessary.  The connection and support of the group provides a powerful holding. All levels welcome. Certification is awarded on completion of Course essay.


Who is this training for? 


Anyone interested in an introduction to combining Sound Healing, Mantra and Song within their Yoga/Holistic practice and/or class; 

musicians who wish to add a healing dimension to their compositions; 

anyone wanting to learn how to use Singing Bowls, Drums, Chimes, Hang and Rainstick; 

and those wishing to enhance their quality of life and healing through the use of Sound Therapy.


The course will consist of the following:

Singing Bowl Chakra Placement

Placing the Singing Bowl on various Chakras, we will learn how to sing the Bowl with ease while balancing directly on the body, allowing the depth of vibration to resonate and release energetic stagnation. This method of healing with sound has an extraordinary effect on the body, and will play an integral part in our workshop.


Chinese Wind Gong & Paiste Gong Playing the hand held Wind Gong over the body’s energy points or Chakras … gently close to body.  Create Gong sounds to fill the room using the standing Paiste Gong.


The Art of Vocal Toning

Using pure vocal tones, the body’s natural tuning instrument, we will learn how to clear the Chakras and instil a healing resonance throughout the body, by “signing” or “toning” healing sounds directly into the body’s “sonic aura”. Explore your voice using Vocal Toning, which massages your voice into pure and powerful tones as you develop the art of tuning the body on a cellular level, these vocal tones resonate with the body’s molecules, balancing and releasing blockages, clearing and balancing the Chakras.

Shamanic Drumming

Connecting to our heartbeats through Shamanic Drumming, we’ll explore the gentleness of heart rhythm, expanding into movement.

​Sound Bathing

Sounds actually become physical; its vibrations coursing through every cell, tuning the body on a cellular level using sacred sound. These vibrations resonate with the body’s molecules, balancing and releasing blockages. Learn how to choreograph and facilitate a Sound Bath, using these magical instruments and vocal techniques.


Explore and develop your creativity through improvisation, movement, creative writing.  Discover the power of Sacred Sound instruments …. Himalyan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Hang, Rainstick and Drums, as you develop your own relationship with these magical friends.


Sing with Ease

Develop confidence in singing and self-expression as you strengthen your voice and explore the magical world of Mantra and Devotional Chant and Song.


Develop your rhythm through movement, dance, and drumming.

Facilitation Skills

How to find the loving power within your heart and share with your class, session or performance.

10 June (or 24th) TBC
8 July (or 22nd) TBC
16 Sept (or 30th) tbc
7 October (or 28th) tbc
11 Nov (or 25th) tbc
9 Dec (or 1st) tbc

(should any of these dates clash with your diary, we can arrange a 121 catch up session, as well as video replay of session ... so you don't have to miss out).

The Lantern Room, Temple Lodge, Hammersmith
51 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith,

London, W6 9Q
Book at or call: 07940 717 201

​COST: £675, early bird £595 until August 15 2023


Course Structure:

The course is structured around in person weekly demonstrations and group learning. After each session you will receive a video, clearly demonstrating all techniques covered in our session. At the end of the course, there is an optional final assignment to design a class, based on what you have learned.

What students say ....

“I have only the highest praise for Anne Malone and her course on Sacred sound! It was one of the most enjoyable and beneficial courses I have ever attended. I learnt so much from but also, at the end of every session I felt so rested, like I had been on a little retreat! Anne has such a warm heart and a brilliant sense of humour which made everyone attending feel so comfortable and made it such a great experience! I can now confidently give a full sound bath but also have lots of little tricks to bring into my yoga classes especially during Savasana to make it even more relaxing for my students. If you are thinking of attending this course, don’t hesitate, you will enjoy every second!” Julie C, Sacred Sound Teacher Training, Feb 2020


You will need to have a singing bowl (minimum 9 inch diameter) with a low/deep note, together with at least one other instrument (like a drum, rain stick, sansula, koshi bell, Chinese wind gong).   

Anne can recommend “Knock on Wood” and/or “SoundTravel” for drum, rain stick, sansula, koshi bell, Chinese wind gong (Anne can discuss in detail and advise, during course).

If you need to buy a singing bowl, Anne has sourced some bowls suitable for sound healing and body placement therapy from Nepal (these bowls are called Goddess Bowls). Please email Anneto view what she has available, and here is link to website:

Certification:  Certification is awarded on completion of Course essay.




Anne has been taking Oasis of Sound to many holistic events over the years.

Since March 2020 and the global lockdown, she has been continuing to bring peace & harmony to people in their living rooms by running sessions online from her very own ZoomRoom, complete with high tech to achieve the very best sound quality.  


As well as running weekly SoundBaths, Anne is delighted to still be a part of several events this year and information will be regularly communicated on these pages.

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