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Yogacampus - The Art of Sacred Sound: Online
Course runs from September 2024 till January 2025

The Art of Sacred Sound course is an introduction to the elements of sacred sound instruments, vocal toning, chants and mantra singing, which will give participants the basic tools to facilitate a sound bath and to incorporate sacred sound into classes and personal practice.


Course Description

This course uniquely combines singing bowl and vocal toning training, giving you the ability to help your students de-stress, feel calm and more alive with the sound of singing bowls and your voice.

The course introduces you to singing bowls, vocal toning, chants and mantra singing, space clearing with sound, and care of voice encompassing vocal techniques. All of which will give you the tools to facilitate a sound bath and to incorporate sacred sound and powerful vocal techniques into classes and personal practice.


Anne offers an invitation to explore, expand, and develop your natural healing qualities and creativity through sacred sound, singing, chanting and voice training and care. It explores the essence of sound, experiencing the ease of playing the singing bowl, singing and chanting from the heart. It will help you understand how vibration affects the body and it will help refine hearing and listening skills. The main instrument Anne will use is the Himalayan singing bowl (Goddess Bowl), in conjunction with vocal toning, (used as a sonic diagnostic tool by sonically scanning the body) and mantra and chant.

Anne will show you how to create a sound bath, how to use sound as part of your yoga classes, as well as introduce you to the hugely self-empowering techniques to share and care for your voice, how to pace your spoken word and bring chanting and song into your teaching.

You will learn how to play and place the singing bowl directly on the body’s chakras, how to tone (or tune) the body, how to pace your spoken word, chants and songs in a relaxed, loving and safe way. You will explore the ancient pathways within the heartbeat of these instruments as we organically and lovingly weave these skills into a healing savasana sound bath. We will connect and evolve within an ongoing sacred sound community.


No previous experience is necessary and the course is open to students hard of hearing. 


What students say ....

I have only the highest praise for Anne Malone and her course on Sacred sound! It was one of the most enjoyable and beneficial courses I have ever attended. I learnt so much from but also, at the end of every session I felt so rested, like I had been on a little retreat! Anne has such a warm heart and a brilliant sense of humour which made everyone attending feel so comfortable and made it such a great experience! I can now confidently give a full sound bath but also have lots of little tricks to bring into my yoga classes especially during Savasana to make it even more relaxing for my students. If you are thinking of attending this course, don’t hesitate, you will enjoy every second!

Julie C, Sacred Sound Teacher Training, Feb 2020

Dates and times

Course runs from Saturday 25 September 2024 to Sunday 30 January 2025

Saturday and Sunday for each module, each day runs from 2pm to 5pm


  • Number of hours: 24

  • Maximum participants: 15



  •     Full Price: £120 per module or £400 for the full training (Module 4 cannot be booked separately)


Other information

  •     Number of hours: 24

  •     Maximum participants: 15

Booking from April 2024

Course Structure

The course is structured around live weekly demonstrations and group learning. After each session you will receive a video, clearly demonstrating all techniques covered in our session. At the end of the course, there is an optional final assignment to design a class, based on what you have learned which will be marked with teacher feedback.

Course Outline

Module One, 25 and 26 September: Introduction to Himalayan Singing Bowls

 Module Two, 23 and 24 Octoberr: Introduction to Vocal Toning and Sacred Sound

Module Three, 27 and 28 November : Introduction to Singing Mantras

Module Four, 29 and 30 January: Introduction to art of the soundbath

What Will I Learn?

You will learn how to play and place the singing bowl on the body, how to tone (or tune) the body. You will explore vocal toning, chanting and mantra, learning how to use your voice as a diagnostic instrument, to pace your spoken word, to vary tone to engage and enliven your words, Mantras, Chants and songs and how to weave these skills into a healing savasana Sound Bath and your Yoga Class.


If you choose to do the optional final assignment you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Who is this Course for?

The course is ideal for yoga teachers and holistic practitioners interested in an introduction to combining sound healing, mantra and song within their yoga/holistic practice and/or class; for musicians who wish to add a healing dimension to their compositions; for anyone wanting to learn how to use singing bowls and voice, and those wishing to enhance their quality of life through the use of sound therapy. All levels welcome; no experience necessary and the course to open to students hard of hearing.

Additional Information

You are required to have a singing bowl (minimum 9 inch diameter) with a low/deep note, together with at least one other instrument (like a drum, rain stick, sansula, koshi bell, Chinese wind gong).

If you need to buy a singing bowl, Anne has sourced some bowls suitable for sound healing and body placement therapy from Nepal (these bowls are called Goddess Bowls). Please e-mail her to view what she has available.


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