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at Olympia
May 26-29 2023
Join Anne & friends

as theyshare

SoundBaths, Kirtan,
Dance and Comedy
Here is the link:

Alchemy of Sound

Morning Mantra (Friday 11.30-12 noon)
SoundBath & Mantra (Friday 2.30-3pm)

Morning Mantra (Sat 10.30-11am)

SoundBath & Mantra (Sat 2.30-3pm)

Morning Mantra (Sun 10.30-11am)

SoundBath & Mantra (Sun 2.30-3pm)

Morning Mantra (Mon 10.30-11am)
SoundBath & Mantra (Mon 2.30-3pm)


Main stage with Anne

Morning Mantra  (Friday 26th May 10.15-11am)

SacredSound Meditation (Sunday 28th May 11.45-12.15am)
Meditation into Mantra (Monday 29th May 12.30-1pm)

WORKSHOP WITH ANNE on Sunday 1.30-3pm 

Experience Sound Vibrations fill your body, releasing stagnant energy!


Join Anne as she guides you on a Sound Healing Journey, where you will experience pure vibrations fill your body, mind and soul with deeply relaxing physical release and joyful peace, as Anne shares the healing sounds of Himalayan Singing Bowls, Hang, Celtic Drum, Rainstick, Sansula, Ukranian Bells & Koshi Bells, weaves her magical vocal toning within these instruments opening pathways for you to access your innate healing. Singing a beautiful Mantra will close our Soundbath. Anne will demonstrate how to play and sing a Singing Bowl & Vocal Tone, so you can share the magic!!!



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