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Elemental Festival


20-23 June 2024

Unity creating harmony through the power of community.

A Magical, Mystical, Medicinal, Elemental Celebratory Festival:

An all encompassing shamanic experience of Sacred Ceremony, Earth Worship, Sonic Healing & Cosmic Transformation.

Join us on a galactic journey through the chakras, safely held in a living breathing Mandala of the Metatrons cube. Experience the ‘Art of Sacred Geometry’ with each of the Platonic Elements being an individual Temple offering an array of holistic modalities most suited to the unique energies of each of the Platonic solids.

Within our magical crystalline healing grid, created especially for Transformation and spiritual ascension, we will chant and dance out under the stars and enjoy the precious Rays of Ra as we gather in tribe and serenade the longest day of the year.

Jump onboard our etheric spaceship on Thursday and enter the mystical portal that is the summer solstice and journey with us on a cosmic flight of medicinal music and magical offerings.

Celebrate this auspicious time in superb ceremonial style with yoga, meditation, mantra, Cacao, Drumming, massage, prayer, sacred sound, spiritual transmissions, Kosmic Kundalini, Serpent Healing and Super sonic psychedelic Djs, Live Electronic Acts and Acoustic Legends.

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