Oasis at The Shala

Sound Bath with Gong & Mantra

in-person with Anne Malone

Sunday  19 June 2022

8pm - 9.30pm


A magical evening of gong, mantra, meditation and sound healing. Let the transformational vibrations of sound take you on a meditative journey, releasing blockages and stress, quieting the mind and reviving your heart and spirit.

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Our monthly Sound Baths with the masterful musician and yogini Anne Malone offer us an immersion into the therapeutic world of sound and an effortless, yet profound way to connect with the core of our being. 

These sublime sessions facilitate us to tune our bodies at a cellular level, as we relax and bathe in the exquisite healing sounds and vocal tones, to release stress and blockages. Anne incorporates Gong, Singing Bowls, Hang Drum, Shamanic Drum, Rainstick, Vocal Toning and Mantra …gently ‘retuning’ and replenishing us with healing sounds and song. 

The sessions take place around the full moon, allowing us to honour the cyclical nature of the moon together. As the lunar energy increases from the New Moon towards the Full Moon, perfect conditions are created for planting seeds, launching new ideas and to really consider the qualities we want to grow in our lives. 

Sound Healing is all about vibration, resonance and intention. Sound healing strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system, tunes up the glandular system and slows the brain waves down, creating sound conditions for deep relaxation and healing. The Gong also has an accumulative healing effect on the mind, body and spirit, inviting clarity, vibrancy, intuition and awareness to resonate within our being. Each and every sound created in Anne’s soundscape is vibration and vibration touches every cell in our body. Every sound that has loving intention is a Healing Sound. Therefore we not only hear sound, we feel it physically, emotionally and soulfully. The only side affect is happiness and harmony.

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 Monthly dates:   Sun 17 Oct, Sat 20 Nov, Sun 19 Dec

Price: £25


 oasis at The Life Centre
(in person)
Thursday 18 August 2022

7.30- 9pm PM

“Music is the breath of Love … Journey into the heart of sound”

Join Anne for a sound bath to soothe you into your weekend.

Bathe and relax in the healing sounds & vibrations of Singing Bowls, Gong, Hang, Vocal Toning, Celtic Drum, Sansula, Koshi Bells, Rainstick as your body resonates within these pure tones, you begin to feel refreshed and retuned. Sing your heart into the bliss of Mantra and the joy of chanting together, move and flow into motion, ready to sail into a blissful weekend.

SoundBathing is a simple yet profound way to connect with the core of our being and tune our body at a cellular level through the gentleness of its resonance. Bathing in healing sounds of Singing Bowls, Gong, Hang, Vocal Toning, Celtic Drum, Sansula, Koshi Bells, Rainstick … nowhere to go … nothing to do … as you relax and bathe in the exquisite healing sounds of these instruments and vocal tones, releasing stress and blockages, gently ‘retuning’ and balancing you back into harmony …


The only side effect is happiness and harmony!

Price £25

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