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Oasis at The Shala

Sound Bath & Mantra

in-person with Anne Malone 

17 September, 26 November (7-8.30pm)

A magical evening of Tibetan Bowls, Mantra, Meditation and sound healing. Let the transformational vibrations of sound take you on a meditative journey, releasing blockages and stress, quieting the mind and reviving your heart and spirit.

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Shala Sound Baths with the our Sound Alchemist, musician and yogini Anne Malone offer us an immersion into the therapeutic world of sound and an effortless, yet profound way to connect with the core of our being. 

These sublime sessions facilitate us to tune our bodies at a cellular level, as we relax and bathe in the exquisite healing sounds and vocal tones, to release stress and blockages. Anne incorporates  Singing Bowls, Gong, Hang Drum, Shamanic Drum, Rainstick, Vocal Toning and Mantra …gently ‘retuning’ and replenishing us with healing sounds and song. 

 Every sound that has loving intention is a Healing Sound. Therefore we not only hear sound, we feel it physically, emotionally and soulfully. The only side affect is happiness and harmony.

Read Anne's Biog. Watch Anne on YouTube.

Price: £25


The Art of Tibetan
Singing Bowl 
The Life Centre
(in person)
Sunday October 1st


“Music is the breath of Love … Journey into the heart of sound” 


Price £25

Anne Malone is very happy to be offering The Art of Tibetan Bowl workshop, an opportunity to explore the essence of Sound and develop a deep understanding and practical knowledge of the Singing Bowls whilst enhancing your personal/professional yoga and meditation practice.

In this workshop, we will explore and learn the unique techniques of singing these magical Singing Bowls, developed by Anne over the past 20 years, and how we can incorporate these mystical sounds into our daily lives, our ceremonies, our classes, meetings and self care. As we rediscover the joy of sharing Ceremony, we can explore how sound guides us along the ancient pathways of Sacred Ceremony … we’ll witness the extraordinary in the ordinary!!

We will be guided by Anne, who will skillfully and lovingly share the Art of Singing Bowls … Anne will supply us with Singing Bowls (so no need to own a Singing Bowl).

• How and when to play a singing bowl during Yoga classes, Meditation, Ceremony, Therapy, SoundBath, Healing Circles, Kirtan, Space Clearing and Spa days

• Basic singing bowl techniques, demonstration and explanation of techniques (mallet hold and placement, playing/singing technique). 

• Placement of Bowl on various parts of the body, and singing the bowl on these areas.

• Using Singing Bowl as a diagnostic tool... the Sonic MRI scan, to “hear” energetic stagnation and get things moving in a healing flow.

• How the Singing Bowl can be incorporated into your Yoga, Meditation, Ceremony, Healing and Therapeutic practices.

Please bring your own singing bowl if you have one... If not, you will be provided with one by Anne.

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