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Electric Soundbath with Guitar, Singing Bowls & Mantra

The Life Centre, Notting Hill

Thursday 14th March 7.45pm - 9pm


Over the years, Anne's soundscapes have filled The Life Centre with soothing music, supporting her SoundBaths … now Anne is merging her live soundscapes with her live instruments creating a fascinating blend of "electric eclectic" music and healing vibrations ... listen to vocal toning as if inside a magical cave, feel and hear the Singing Bowls as if nestled inside the deepest ommmmm, experience the gentle rain fall of rainstick surrounding your body, the joyful ring and resonance of Bells and Chimes as if inside a majestic cathedral ... and bathe in magical Mantra the healing sounds and vibrations and heartfelt Mantra filling your being.

Bathing in healing sounds of Goddess Singing Bowls, Gong, Hang, Vocal Toning, Celtic Drum, Sansula, Koshi Bells, Rainstick … nowhere to go … nothing to do … as you relax and bathe in the exquisite healing sounds of these instruments and vocal tones, releasing stress and blockages, gently ‘retuning’ and balancing you back into harmony …

Drift into the magical world of nature as you are showered with the sounds of the Rainstick, Shamanic drum and bells. The only side effect is happiness and harmony!

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