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Yoga & Sacred Arts Festival
Gaunts House Dorset, UK

Gaunts House, Dorset, UK

23rd - 26th August 2024

£295 (early bird)

Come together for this unique family-friendly, retreat-style gathering.

Celebrate the beauty and joy of life with England’s newest Yoga & Sacred Arts Festival. Together we will live as a little village of love – eating together, meditating together & having fun together. Uniting in the heart, we begin to discover the rich and infinite possibilities of living natural human lives. Together, we can help heal our world.

At Heart Festival you can enjoy a rich programme that includes world-class kirtan artists, musicians, heart-melting yoga classes, inspiring workshops, a children’s programme, heavenly veggie food made on site with love, and a special puja and kirtan to Love Itself. For those who don’t want to just practice yoga but to really LIVE yoga, this is the festival for you!

Heart Festival is a non-profit event, raising funds for the international charity work of the Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation.

This year at Gaunts House!

You have the option to stay in a comfortable bedroom in this magical house, a beautiful glamping tent, or to bring your own camping equipment.

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